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10 ways to generate recruitment leads with online advertisements

The staff that a business employs are one of its most valuable assets, perhaps with the greatest potential to impact its long term growth and prosperity. While essential, recruiting top talent in today’s highly competitive and complex market can be difficult, especially for small to medium sized businesses. Despite the daunting nature of this notion, however, there are some excellent ways in which organisations of all statures can effectively source quality candidates they need in their recruiting efforts, such as through the powerful means of advertising.

The following are the 10 best ways you can source top-notch candidates for your business through advertising.

1. Facebook conversion campaign

The primary objective of a Facebook conversion campaign is to drive users to complete a designated action or task upon viewing your ad. This can relate to a number of purposes, such as a way to direct consumers to a website, buy a product or watch a video. Especially useful in the candidate sourcing process, Facebook conversion campaigns can be used as a means through which to direct relevant traffic to your website in an effort to maximise and optimise form submissions and applications.

2. Facebook lead generation campaign

Somewhat similar to a conversion campaign, the purpose of a Facebook lead generation campaign is to simply drive users to engage in an ad by submitting a form within the Facebook platform. This process essentially serves as a way for businesses to acquire relevant leads for their campaigns upon which to build through other communications.

3. LinkedIn ads conversion campaign

Close to how Facebook conversion campaigns function, a LinkedIn conversion campaign serves the primary purpose of providing users with a call to action that inclines them to take an action like visiting a website, buying something or watching a video. Again, in the employee recruitment process, what this approach would most likely be used for is a CTA to visit an application site or job listing.

What makes LinkedIn unique in this regard however, is its nature as a platform, being one highly potent in job seekers and professionals. In this way, LinkedIn conversion campaigns are more specifically designed for advertisements relating to employment, and are similarly more inclined to reach a more relevant audience.

4. LinkedIn lead form campaign

LinkedIn lead form campaigns are an ideal way to source quality candidates in an efficient and effective way. They employ the platform’s existing assets to drive completion rates by allowing candidates to autofill information from their profile when submitting a form. This innovative approach breaks down traditional user hindrances of long forms and cumbersome input requirements to allow applicants to submit their information in one click. By optimising the process in this way, LinkedIn is offering an excellent resource for recruiters to generate leads in a more prolific and plentiful manner.

5. Linkedin business recruitment campaign

LinkedIn business recruitment campaign options offer a unique way for businesses to advertise themselves and what they have to offer. Through an employment centred design, LinkedIn offers organisations a way to promote their recruitment efforts in a way that is specifically structured to generate job interest and applications. Career pages are an excellent option for those looking to establish reputability and stature in the professional world that is LinkedIn, and serve as a great opportunity to showcase a company’s story, diversity, employee testimonials and other appeals.

6. Google search campaign

Google is broad and full of potential as an advertising platform. As the world’s most popular search engine, it serves as an ideal way through which organisations of all kinds can reach a vast array of audiences. Furthermore, it offers an astonishing degree of customization and flexibility when it comes to running search campaigns, allowing advertisers to be very specific in terms of what specific demographics, topics and keywords they target.

7. Google display campaign

Offering a similar degree of flexibility to search ads, Google display campaigns offer a unique way for organisations to source their candidates through the use of visual promotions. As an alternative way to convey your message, display ads are an excellent way to attract candidates for your recruitment efforts, and are bolstered by the power of Google’s wide range of campaign setting and customization options.

8. Google discovery campaign

Google discovery campaigns are yet another way to reach diverse audiences through Google. Used as part of Google’s ‘Discover’ feature, these ads display within snippets amongst other pieces of relevant content on the Google app, YouTube and Gmail. Again, these campaigns can be further optimised through Google’s comprehensive offering of ad settings and target options.

9. Snapchat and TikTok

Snapchat and TikTok should also be considered when it comes to digital advertising platforms in recruitment efforts, especially considering how they are one of the best ways to reach select target demographics such as millennials. Both platforms offer their own form of display advertisement option, usually integrated between the traditional pieces of content users already see. Offering a great degree of effectiveness when it comes to reaching specific users, Snapchat and TikTok take the hassle out of driving optimisation based results in a digital advertising endeavour.

10. Remarketing on the above mentioned platforms

A great thing about all of the above mentioned tools is that they have the capacity to provide advertisers a great degree of insight over the course of their campaigns. This can serve as a valuable asset in bolstering longer term campaign distribution and effectiveness, by providing businesses with data and analytics which can guide them in remarketing what they have to offer going forward.

While sometimes a scary thing on the surface, the process of employee recruitment does not have to be difficult. There are in fact a range of tools that organisations can take advantage of to improve their employment campaigns and to likewise get the most out of their efforts in doing so.

Home » Digital marketing » 10 ways to generate recruitment leads with online advertisements