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Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Finland for International Companies in 2024

Being an established digital marketing agency in Finland, we keep our finger on the pulse of the local market. To assist international companies navigating the Finnish business landscape, we’ve curated a list of digital marketing firms that originate and are headquartered in Finland. This initiative aims to make your journey towards finding the right local partner smoother.

How did we choose the companies on this list?

We are following more than 30 different digital marketing agencies in Finland, and based on this, we have selected companies for this article.

We believe that the best agencies for international companies have English websites, so that is the first pretty obvious criterion for making the list. Second, We have reviewed the employee profiles on LinkedIn and made sure that they do digital marketing in Finland. Third, we have checked what is their main focus with digital marketing and categorised them for different types of lists.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies

  • Gaasly – That’s us. We are the best option for international companies. Serving international companies is built into our DNA and we are constantly looking for the best ways to help our international clients grow business in Finland
  • Genero – Known for being a results-driven agency specializing in digital strategy, marketing, advertising, and sales. Last reported turnover 14,8 million euros with 95 employees.
  • Avidly – One of the largest marketing service providers in the Nordics, known for providing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services. Last reported turnover 19.5 million euros with 121 employees.
  • Aava & Bang – A creative marketing agency that combines data, creativity, and technology to drive customer engagement and deliver growth for their clients. Last reported turnover 3.6 million euros with 50 employees.
  • Suomen Digimarkkinointi – Known for offering a wide range of digital marketing services with an emphasis on SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. Last reported turnover 5.5 million euros with 40 employees.
  • Advance B2B – Specializes in B2B digital marketing, providing services like inbound marketing, sales services, and growth-driven design. Last reported turnover 3.8 million euros with 36 employees.
  • Oikio – Known for being a technical marketing and digital marketing agency focusing on SEO, analytics, and online advertising. Last reported turnover 8.8 million euros with 30 employees.
  • Hopkins – A Helsinki-based marketing agency specializing in digital marketing strategy, content production, and performance marketing. Last reported turnover 5.2 million euros with 36 million employees.
  • Tulos Helsinki – An agency specializing in performance marketing, known for its expertise in pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, and SEO. Last reported turnover 1.9 million euros with 31 employees.
  • Paper Planes Oy – Focuses on creating effective digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Last reported turnover 1.9 million euros with 22 employees.
  • Verkkoasema – A digital agency is known for providing web development, online marketing, and e-commerce solutions. Last reported turnover 2.1 million euros with 23 employees.
  • The F Company – Specializes in social media marketing and influencer marketing. Last reported turnover 1.4 million euros with 10 employees.
  • Markkinointitoimisto WDS Oy – Known for delivering a wide range of marketing services focusing on digital solutions. Last reported turnover 1.1 million euros with 12 employees.
  • Buorre – A design agency providing branding, digital marketing, and design services. Last reported turnover 1.8 million euros with 24 employees.
  • Truly – A Helsinki-based agency known for its focus on growth marketing, inbound marketing, and customer experience design. Last reported turnover 1.1 million with 8 employees.

The remaining agencies we know of – Julkee ja Lempee, Menestystarinat, Mixtra Oy, Kubla, Sininen Härkä, Muutos Digital, Kansleri, Flai Digital, Nostamo, and Uhma – are not available in ChatGPT knowledge base as of September 2021, hence it is unable to provide information on them. Please check their official websites or other reliable sources for the most current and accurate information.

Top SEO agencies in Finland

Most companies above can also help you with search engine optimization in Finland. Some companies have more people working on SEO than others. In our case, all our consultants help our clients with search engine optimisation in Finland. In any case, here are the top SEO agencies for international companies in Finland. We have a dedicated blog post for this here.

  • Suomen Digimarkkinointi – A digital marketing agency providing many services, including search engine optimization.
  • Generaxion is a marketing agency offering many services, including SEO solutions tailored to your business needs.
  • Furia is a small agency focusing on building websites, doing SEO, and outsourcing marketing manager services.
  • Kubla is a digital marketing agency based in Helsinki and Florida. They do marketing in English and Finnish.
  • TopBorn is a digital agency that works with innovative marketing for companies in the Nordic countries. Our

Top Growth Marketing Agencies in Finland

Growth marketing, a new marketing method based on iterative and agile development, became very popular when growth hacking became a thing. We are applying the best practices of growth marketing in our work with all our clients. With growth marketing, you can get better results with smaller investments.

Here are companies that are more or less focused on growth marketing in Finland.

  • Gaasly, that’s us. Read more about our growth marketing services in Finland.
  • Genero is the largest company in the group. They work with big brands across borders.
  • Kasvuly is a small international company with employees primarily from Finland but also from the USA, Vietnam, Portugal, and the Philippines.
  • Balanced Growth is a small agency based in Helsinki Finland. Their unique focus seems to be in wide network of freelancers.

Performance marketing agencies in Finland

Performance marketing often means paying the agency based on the results they generate. As far as we know, there are no pure performance marketing agencies. At Gaasly, we charge hourly fees for our work, and no long-term commitments are required from our clients. You can pause collaboration any time you want. Generating results for you is our priority #1.

What makes Gaasly the best choice for international companies?

We are the only agency in Finland focusing on companies coming from abroad. We understand the risks and uncertainty related to going international, and we have tailored our offering to support companies as well as possible. Contact us now to discuss more.