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The best Finnish SEO freelancers for international companies

Finding a skilled freelancer in Finland can prove challenging, especially if you are not acquainted with the local market or lack a professional network in the region. As Finland is a relatively small country, the number of freelancers available may be limited, although the industry is expanding.

Here are five different freelancer profiles that may be a good match for your business. Please also get in touch with us as we work very much like freelancers.

Many established agencies and other entities in the market have created their own networks of freelancers who support their operations periodically when they face excessive workloads or lack expertise in certain areas.

Typically, freelancers in Finland tend to have a robust domestic demand and therefore may not necessarily resort to using online platforms like Upwork.com to acquire clients. Instead, they primarily rely on their established professional networks to secure new business opportunities. Consequently, locating suitable freelancers in Finland may be challenging for individuals seeking freelancers abroad.

SEO freelancer or agency in Finland?

We recommend using a freelancer if you have specific requirements. If you are not sure yet what to do and how it is done, we recommend using an agency.

At Gaasly we are trying to mix things up and combine the best features of both worlds. We have flexible working methods like freelancers but offer a wide range of expertise like agencies. Read more about if you should hire an agency or a freelancer here or get in touch with us if you need a freelancer but consider also working with an agency.

Where to find SEO freelancers in Finland

As mentioned earlier, most freelancers find their clients through their personal networks, but you can do a few different things online to find a suitable freelancer.

Let’s start with the obvious, you can use Google to search “SEO Freelancers in Finland”. Many SEO freelancers in Finland have a website and those who rank high are probably pretty good at it. You should check them first but it is also good to recognize that there are a lot of good SEO freelancers who simply don’t have time to work on their websites because they are busy with their clients.

Upwork and other freelancer websites are huge globally but they are not prominent in Finland. The rates in Finland tend to be higher and the general image finish people have about Upwork and other freelancer services is that there are only low-paying projects available. Many freelancers stay out of those. You can find a lot of Finnish ex-pats and other people familiar with Finland on Upwork but in our experience, the best talent is not there.

Linkedin is probably the best way to find freelancers in Finland. You can use free search or if you have paid recruiter tools you can use those to find freelancers in Finland. Almost all freelancers have LinkedIn accounts and many of them are very active on the platform in developing their personal brands.

There are also a couple of Facebook groups that could be helpful. First is Markkinointikollektiivi, a Facebook group for marketing professionals in Finland, and the second is WordPress and Woocommerce enthusiasts in Finland.

I hope this blog was helpful. If you need a flexible partner in marketing, let’s talk. We work purely hourly basis and have a wide range of expertise on many different digital platforms.

Home » Digital Marketing in Finland » The best Finnish SEO freelancers for international companies