Google Ads updates you may have missed in Q3 2021

Q4 is finally here, and a new quarter, of course, means new features and updates for Google Ads. Moving into the holiday season, we’re excited to see how Google plans to improve consumer and business experiences across the platform. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, today we’re bringing you six critical Google Ads updates you may have missed in Q3.

Google is constantly bringing its users new updates and features to improve their Google Ads platform, and this quarter has been no different. They have released so many remarkable improvements that have and continue to streamline businesses processes immensely. We’ve chosen our favourite six features and will cover what they are, what they mean, and most importantly, how they will benefit your business as we move into Q4.

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It is now easier to create manager accounts

If you’re an avid user of Google Ads, you will know that to date, users have only been able to create new manager accounts on the manager account homepage. As your business grows, it is understandable to have an increased desire to develop new manager accounts to meet administrative and campaign management needs. Reading any Google Ads forum on the web will prove that you are not alone here.

In Q3, Google released a feature that allowed users to create new sub-manager accounts from within their existing manager accounts. You no longer need to have a user assigned to a sub-manager account. If this wasn’t enough, they also introduced a feature that allows you to remove users from your existing sub-manager accounts, making it so much easier to stay under the 20 Google Ads Accounts limit.

Reach back-to-school shoppers online and in-store

Q3 is the perfect time for consumers to start looking for the all-important back-to-school gear and supplies. There is sound evidence to support the belief that shoppers plan to shop both online and in-store, so it’s essential users reach omnichannel shoppers. To do this, Google introduced three local ad solutions.

Firstly, you can now communicate your store’s convenience and deals. Google states that 50% of North American shoppers say they’ll check for in-store inventory online before actually visiting a store. You can now use local inventory ads to show available products for immediate pickup, encouraging sales across the board.

50% of North American shoppers say they’ll check for in-store inventory online before actually visiting a store.

You can now layout your locations with local campaigns. These are simple yet powerful solutions for retailers of all sizes to promote their locations across various Google apps. A handy feature for smaller businesses that focus on driving and maximising local customers. Driving foot traffic for store openings, promoting in-store promotions and update business hours – the possibilities are endless.

Finally, as part of this update, you can now optimise your omnichannel goals. We know shoppers alternate between online and in-store, so to accommodate for this, you can now include store visits in smart bidding, helping increase your total sales.

New business attributes

Q4 means one thing: holidays. It’s expected that more people than ever this year will opt to shop online compared to previous years, likely due to the pandemic and a subsequent shift in consumer behaviour. Shoppers are always looking for the best value deals, especially when it comes to delivery options as Christmas approaches.

As a result, your products can now be displayed with shipping annotations. Shoppers want to know their products will arrive in time for Christmas, and by showing shipping options under your products, shoppers are way more likely to click through.

You can also add returns information instead, giving shoppers more confidence in their purchases.

Higher quality and enhanced keyword control

Google took onboard users’ feedback and, as a result, rolled our new improvements, including improved understanding of search intent and more predictability in how keywords match.

Earlier in the year, Google announced that an exact match keyword identical to a query is now always preferred as long as it’s eligible to match. Also, phrase and broad match keywords will now follow the same behaviour.

To read about keyword relevance in more depth, click here.

Better measurement for display video ads

Google has now introduced engaged-view conversions, which is a brand-new non-click conversion metric.

To measure the full impact of your display ads, you must look beyond clicks. To allow users to do this, Google has now introduced engaged-view conversions, a brand-new non-click conversion metric.

This metric count when a user watches 10 seconds of your ad and doesn’t interact but later completes a conversion on your website. This new feature allows you to consistently measure the impact of your ads across all Google channels, enabling you to optimise your content strategy accordingly and keep on top of the latest content marketing trends.

New budget reports

As you’ll already know, to execute a successful marketing strategy, budgeting is a crucial aspect. Budget behaviour in Google Ads was renowned for being difficult to understand, especially for daily budgets. This quarter, Google launched a brand-new budget report, helping you visualise monthly campaign spend behaviour.

This new feature helps you understand how much you are projected to pay at the end of the month and highlights your daily and monthly spending limits.


Google is constantly innovating and updating its services, and this quarter has seen a massive rise in the number of improvements and new features they have offered. Of course, there have been many more updates than the ones included today, so if you would like to read more about Google’s latest updates, click here.

This quarter has been huge for Google Ads users, from new budget reports to manager accounts, and we are already reaping the benefits of these updates and new features! We’re looking forward to seeing what updates Q4 holds for the platform. We’ll be back next quarter, bringing you everything you need to know about Google Ads updates! REFERENCES –