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Marketing guide to CPHI – how to generate more leads with digital marketing

This blog post is for pharmaceutical companies who are planning to attend CPHI events and plan some marketing activities around them. This article explains what can be done and how to get the most out of search engine marketing and social media marketing to maximize lead generation. It also introduces other marketing activities that can be beneficial for pharmaceuticals who are interested in the events.

CPHI is the organizer of various different events around the world. In these events professionals have the opportunity to network in person and build relationships and develop partnerships.  

In addition to events CPHI also runs a website that caters to the pharmaceutical industry. It functions as a one-stop shop for pharmaceutical professionals. It has an online marketplace where businesses can connect and showcase their products. They can also find new partners from the industry and stay updated on the latest trends in pharmaceuticals. 

CPHI has some digital marketing tools they offer for companies to connect and engage with pharmaceutical professionals.

CPHI for Pharmaceutical companies

CPHI offers a valuable platform for pharmaceutical companies. Here’s a guide to help you to make the most out of it. 

Online marketplace they offer can be used in many ways. The first thing is to create a comprehensive company profile. It should showcase your company’s capabilities and the profile should be written in a way that it targets the right audience through keyword optimisation. 

Platform also offers options for content marketing and it is possible to publish informative content like white papers, case studies and articles. This will help to build brand awareness and thought leadership and attract potential customers. 

Connections are always important and it provides a good way to connect with other companies and build relationships.

Live events

Taking part in the events and showcasing products and services through boots and taking part in conferences offers the opportunity to meet potential customers. Before the events it is possible to do pre-marketing. Companies can build their own landing pages for the events and have campaigns in social media and utilize Google Ads in advertising as an example.

CPHI themselves also offer tools to promote your presence using their online platform. For the post-event activities it is always important to follow up all the contacts and carefully nurture potential leads. For the upcoming events you can see the schedule here.

How Gaasly can help you with digital marketing at CPHI

Gaasly can take responsibility for social media marketing campaigns and we can help with Google ads too. In case content needs to be written or new landing pages are needed Gaasly can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our way of working is flexible and in case you need help with some particular event do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help with your marketing needs. We currently work with pharmaceutical companies and we have delivered good results for our clients.  

Final tips for success

Identify your audience carefully and tailor your content accordingly. Focus on the value your company can provide and provide enough information and showcase your expertise and knowhow. Remember to utilize data you collect to understand user behavior and optimize your marketing efforts.