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Pinterest marketing and advertising trends 2022

Pinterest is, without any doubt, one of the most popular and exciting social media platforms out there. Just to give you an idea: over 400 million people were actively using this channel in 2021, every single month, with Germany, France and the UK being right in the top 5!

But there’s more. If you are a small business looking to break into a new market, then Pinterest might be exactly what you need to achieve this goal. The vast majority – we are talking about 97%! – of the Pinterest searches, in fact, are unbranded, which gives small entrepreneurs plenty of opportunities to promote themselves. 

In a nutshell, if you work or are interested in social media marketing, then Pinterest should be on your radar. Helpfully, the platform has been sharing super-detailed trend reports for the past few years, uncovering insights that have then proven to become real, tangible marketing trends for the following 12 months.

Fancy getting a sneak peek into what 2022 has in store for Pinterest and its Pinners? Our guide right here has got you covered.

Idea pins are a thing now

Before jumping into what the hottest topics will be this year, let’s take a quick look at a couple of super-cool Pinterest addition. First up: Idea Pins.

Do you know how you can now reply to an Instagram comment by using a Reels video, right? Well, Pinterest has caught up quickly with the ‘Gram and launched new and exciting ways to boost engagement among users.

Has someone commented on your Pin, and you’d like to show them your appreciation in ways that go beyond the traditional written word? Use an Idea Pin video, which is similar to what Instagram lets you do with Reels.

By doing this, you’ll be able to get your message across in a fun, engaging, and meaningful fashion, creating stronger connections with other Pinners. This is going to be particularly useful to those who use Pinterest for business reasons, although everyone will eventually benefit from it.

More – and better – video content coming up

Speaking of video content, Pinterest is not stopping at Idea Pins. The platform has just announced the purchase of Vochi, video creation and editing platform.

This is in line with Pinterest’s continuous drive towards enabling its users to better communicate visually – which is pretty important, given the visual-heavy nature of the platform itself.

Unlike Idea Pins, though, Vochi’s video editing capabilities are not available to Pinners yet, but they might be launched at some point during the coming months. It’s safe to say that we should all keep our eyes peeled!

Green is our favourite colour

Let’s now move straight on to topics and areas of interest that are going to be booming in 2022 – and possibly beyond. One of the first is, no doubt, sustainability and the environment.

Pinners are renowned for their eco-friendliness, which they express through ad-hoc searches in areas like food, gifts, fashion, skincare, and more. So, if you are a business or entrepreneur who is looking to sell their products on Pinterest, you’d better tick all the right eco-conscious boxes – or move elsewhere to advertise them!

Use the right keywords to highlight how sustainable and ethical your products are, and how committed your business is to reducing its carbon footprint and fostering positive environmental changes. Trust us, your chances to attract more potential buyers will skyrocket.

Got Wanderlust? Pinterest is your destination

Many people had to keep their travel bugs under control for almost two years, while the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on their lives, preventing them from taking trips and discovering new places and cultures.

But with the situation seemingly improving in most countries, travellers are ready to pack their bags again and go on new and exciting adventures. Wanderlust is going to be one of the biggest Pinterest trends this year, so if you are in the travel and leisure business then you should absolutely consider marketing your products or services on Pinterest.

Remember the eco-friendly aspect, though, as Pinners are always on the lookout for that – even (especially, in fact) when it comes to planning a holiday.

Stay home and work hard

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic is slowly getting under control, but this doesn’t mean that one of the biggest trends that emerged during it will slow down, too. What are we talking about? But working remotely, of course.

Remote work has gradually and consistently become the norm for millions of people around the globe, and although offices and workplaces are reopening, many people will continue to choose to work from home at least part of the time.

Cue another super-popular Pinterest trend: cozy, comfortable, but productive home office ideas and inspiration. Put together posts that highlight how people can create customized, beautiful, and motivation-enhancing workspaces at home, and how they can maintain a great work-life balance, and you’ll instantly be able to reach out to a very profitable Pinterest segment.

Love yourself!

Mental health has been, and continues to be, high on the agenda of many governments and institutions worldwide, and rightly so. Pinterest knows this, and it predicts that many of its Pinners will keep showing an interest in all things wellbeing this year – and particularly, in good mental health.

Brands that post and promote content about mindfulness, self-love, self-acceptance, and healing will have a great advantage over those that don’t. Remember, though, to always be authentic and to keep engaging with your community to show them that you really care.

Food for thought

Few things are more effective for self-care than preparing and eating healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals. So, in keeping with the overarching theme of self-love, another trend is expected on the platform: comforting, wholesome, yummy food ideas.

We know what you’re thinking “Food is hardly a new trend on Pinterest!”. And yes, that’s true, but it’s also true that if some trends never go away then you should stick with them and jump on those bandwagons with fresh, original ideas each time.

For 2022, try to prioritise video over photos or static visuals, and remember to include options for vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free Pinners. Try to only promote recipes that feature seasonal, local, and organic ingredients, as this is in line with the bigger eco-friendly topic that Pinners love so much.

Let’s get physical

For many Pinners, food fuels a healthy body, and exercise fuels a healthy mind. Fitness and physical health, in fact, are another super-hot trend on Pinterest, and one that your brand should consider tapping into.

Whether you sell ethically-made workout gear, are a fitness coach, or even sell skin care products or nutritional supplements, try to throw in some exercise ideas and inspiration, and post content that highlights how beneficial it is to move your body every day.

Fashion: Nostalgic is better

Let’s talk fashion: if you were to mention a huge fashion trend that emerged in 2021, what would you say? Yep, we hear you: the glorious 1990s. Everything from oversized hair scrunchies to whimsical tie-dye t-shirts was the rage last year – which is why this type of nostalgic fashion is expected to keep being uber-popular in 2022.

Promote old (but not necessarily vintage) fashion trends, and while doing so remember to stress how sustainable it is to re-use and re-purpose old clothes and accessories.  

Be good and be kind

It really does seem like 2022 is the ultimate year for kindness, selflessness, and motivation, right? And not just in terms of eco-conscious fashion, nutritious food, or mindful exercise, but also when it comes to… the simple written word.

Pinners, in fact, love reading great, inspiring quotes about the beauty and preciousness of life, and about how they can keep improving their lives while also respecting others and the planet.

So, whatever industry your business operates in, try to sprinkle some beautiful, thoughtful quotes here and there on your page, and add some captivating and creative visuals. You’re bound to see flocks of Pinners interacting with your brand in new, authentic ways.

The takeaway

There are so many fantastic, exhilarating trends to keep your eyes on this year on Pinterest. From travelling to exercising, from promoting good mental health to re-discovering and repurposing old clothes, the options are plenty.

Remember that the overarching themes, though, are always those of sustainability, physical and emotional wellness, and kindness. Try to always refer back to these whenever posting your Pins, and you’ll be sure to hit the spot with your audience.

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