Meet some of our clients

We’re a global growth partner. From food & beverage to modern software development, our broad portfolio includes B2B and B2C industries. We have clients from around the world, and we are grateful to work with each one. We are taking great pride in doing our very best to fulfil all goals. From generating brand awareness to creating more sales.

Here is a quick summary of some of our recent clients.

24 Pesula created a new laundromat concept where you can wash your clothes, home textiles and rugs in just half an hour.


AISpotter pinpoints the most important parts of any recorded live-streamed video. The mission is to create production-ready video highlights available instantly.

Medixine is providing an all-in-one telehealth solution for remote care needs. The cloud-based solution includes advanced tools for remote measurement and monitoring.


Augment offers a new way to get an electric kickboard and scooters for your own use. It scouts as a service to your modern way of life.


Bun2Bun is the first 100% vegan hamburger restaurant chain in Finland. The base of their burgers is the world’s first plant-based burger patty created by Beyond Meat™ 

Fluidit offers a large versatile range of hydraulic modelling software products to build the basis of future smart cities.

construction products

GCP applied technologies are dedicated to the development of high-performance products and the continued pursuit of advancement in construction technologies.

Green planet astronaut

GREEN PLANET ASTRONAUTS are offering healthy organic oat snacks for children. Raising a healthy, planet-friendly generation is the company’s goal.


InnaGrow is revolutionizing how people can enjoy and experience nature indoors. Creating the world’s first recreational indoor garden based on aquaponics.

AKKURATE has developed DIAGNOSE, a platform that manages battery assets. It can be utilized in any Li-ion powered application from energy storage solutions to electric vehicles.

Ruuvi Innovations Ltd is the developer of RuuviTag, a complete environment measurement solution. A sensor that sends temperature, relative air humidity and more directly to a mobile phone.


Pexraytech is a high-tech company that develops and manufactures portable X-Ray imaging systems for security, non-destructive testing (NDT) and further sectors.

Helsinki Events Foundation organises the City of Helsinki’s significant public events, such as Helsinki Festival, Lux Helsinki, Helsinki Day, Helsinki’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, Helsinki Baltic Herring Market and Helsinki Christmas Market.