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Get your data right with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system that has streamlined the process of creating tags to send user interaction data to Google Analytics (GA). Using GTM will save you time, add scalability to your site implementation, is easy to use, and yet also gives you enough creative space to create complex, customized tags.

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How your business will benefit from Google Tag Manager

Faster Page Loading Speed

GTM can help optimize page speed thanks to asynchronous loading. Through asynchronous loading, components load separately, thus ensuring that potential slower loading items don’t hinder the loading speed of the other tracking tags.

Implementation Speed

GTM will help speed up many processes. Changes and new tags can be made rapidly and most do not require code changes to the website. This is great for business because it can really speed up launch time, this can mean changes can happen faster and often without involving a developer.

Auto Event Tracking

GTM’s auto-event tracking feature significantly simplifies the event tracking process by eliminating the necessity of manually tagging each link you want to track. This is especially useful to gain insights into user actions on your website, to create goals tailored to your business in Google Analytics. This feature then allows you to optimize your site user experience and thus CVR.

Higher security

GTM gives you full control of who can make what changes. From no access to read only to editing to publishing rights, you can easily control who has the permissions to make changes (such as creating tags, macros, and rules) to the website.


GTM can change the way your website performs

Data is extremely valuable in digital marketing strategies, as it provides the necessary information on your customer needs and interactions with your website. A useful tool for analyzing data is Google Analytics, which can become even more powerful if combined with Google Tag Manager.

Tag Manager is a tool that allows users to update website tags for site analytics and remarketing in a fast and easy way. It enables marketing tracking tags from several platforms, including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Hotjar, with one single tool. 

Simply put, GTM will improve your marketing by giving you insight into what can cause an increase (or decrease) in website activity. 

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