Digital Marketing Tools And Platforms

We use the best tools and platforms to generate more sales for your business.

Ad platforms

Google ads

Google Search Ads

With Google Search Ads you can reach customer looking for specific keywords. Also, with Google Search Ads you can continually refine your ads and make them more targeted.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads has a couple of benefits. First of all, you get to advertise to a large population on the Facebook platform. And secondly, you get to utilize their powerful targeting tools.

instagram logo

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are an extension of Facebook ads and are good for campaigns with a lot of visual elements.


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn campaigns are especially useful when it comes to targeting certain professions (in, for example, B2B campaigns) with targeted ads.

Twitter icon

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads has certain specific benefits. Especially for companies and brands that wants to increase their following on the platform and want to get direct feedback.

Snapchat Icon

Snapchat Ads

Ads on Snapchat has a benefit because the users on the platform are really engaged. They are especially good for companies targeting a younger audience.

Tiktok Round icon

TIkTok Ads

TikTok is one of the newer players on the market. It is really good for targeting the younger generation and has massive growth potential.

Pinterest logo

Pinterest Ads

Pintrest is very popular among a young and diverse crowd. Ads there are very effective in increasing brand awareness.

Quora icon

Quora Ads

On Quora you can build authority on topics. Works well to increase traffic to certain sites.

Google ads

Google Display Ads

Google Display ads are good for a couple different reasons. For one, you can target previous visitors with re-marketing campaigns. Also, you will get a lot of views for very little money.

bing icon

Bing Ads

Bing may have a lower search volume but Bing ads usually delivers higher positions, less competition in the bidding, and overall lower CPC.

Email campaigns

Hubspot Icon

HubSpot Email

With HubSpot’s email marketing tool you can notify your subscribers about news or promotions. It also includes tools to analyze the performance of the email campaigns.

Mailchimp icon


With MailChimp you have access to a great email campaign management tool. MailChimp also makes it possible to manage audiences and have emails that are triggered based on certain events.


Google, analytics icon

Google Analytics 4 and UA

Google Analytics is the most common web analytics tool out there. It allows you to analyze your website visitors in detail. It is also important for tracking events and goals.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics provides more specific Facebook related analytics that are useful when running Facebook marketing campaigns.

instagram logo

Instagram Insights

With Instagram being one of the main brand building platforms it is crucial to understand how your content engages users.


LinkedIn Reports and Analytics

LinkedIn reports and analytics are a powerful way to measure the ROI of your ads.

Google Big Query

With Google Big Query you can gather and store all your marketing data. In GBQ you can also join data sets and enrich them with data from external sources.

Google Data Studio

With Google Data studios we can bring our analysis to life through interactive dashboards and beautiful reports.

Tableau Icon


Tableau provides visual data organization and analysis. It is one of the tools where you can do actual data modeling around your marketing data.

Power Bi Icon

Power BI

Power BI is an industry leader when it comes to business intelligence clouds. Among with other data analysis Power BI is useful for many aspects of digital marketing data.



Hotjar provides insight that helps you understand the usability of your websites with heatmaps, recordings and scrolling info.

microsoft icon


Clarity is Microsofts web analytics service which also provides user analysis like click-maps and recordings.




Semrush allows you to get deeper insight about your competitors and insight about keywords and the traffic that they bring.



SEOMoz provides tools that makes inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing easy.


With Rank Math you get a simple user-interface that highlights important information regarding you page or post.


wordpress Icon


WordPress is a robust tool to create, modify and manage your webpage or blog. We at Gaasly use WordPress ourselves.

squarespace icon


With Squarespace we can create a new website in minutes. They provide an accessible user interface and a lot of flexible templates.

Wix Icon


Wix also provides an user-friendly platform with which you can create a professional-looking website easily.


Hubspot Icon


HubSpot’s is a free CRM that has convenient marketing, sales and service tools. Simplifies and streamlines the handling of customers and leads.

Firebase icon


Firebase offers integration to Google Ads, Data Studio and BigQuery to make app development efficient and accurate.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager connects all the analytics tools to your website. With GTM you can handle all your tracking from one place.



Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between.


Sell online with the fully customizable, open source eCommerce platform built for WordPress.

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