Our Digital Marketing Workflow

Agile workflow combined with our expertise and tools is the foundation for success online.

Growth Partner

Each client has their own Growth Partner who will support you with everything you need to run successful online marketing operations. Our Growth Partners are experts in digital marketing and the growth process.

Weekly Iterations

The power of our model is based on week-long iterations where we run small experiments to see what works best for acquiring new customers. Each iteration starts with planning and ends with us analyzing the results together with you.

Data Analysis

Data should inform every decision you make. Data Analysis is a prerequisite for all digital marketing campaigns. We set up the collection and analyze the data. These insights let you know what is working and what is not.

Growth Planning

There are a lot of different channels and strategies you can use to get new customers. Careful planning and prioritization is an important part of the process to makes sure we use our budget as effectively as possible.

Three Reasons To Work With Us

Results Driven

Finding you new customers is what keeps us going. We will show you our value every week. 

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Agile And Flexible

We don’t have any fixed fees and always invoice hourly basis. You can pause any time you want. 

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We are obsessed with using your budget as effectively as possible and optimizing customer acquisition cost.

How Can We Help You Today?

French Digital Marketing Audit

We audit your current French digital marketing campaigns. We hunt major mistakes and look for optimization opportunities. You will get a full report.

1:1 Coaching

Our French marketing consultants will coach you or your team. We’ll teach you best practices in the French digital landscape during personalized training sessions.