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The anatomy of a high performing landing page for recruitment marketing

To understand what a great landing page to recruit new employees should look like, it can help to put yourself in the shoes of the exact people that you are addressing: job applicants.

Imagine that you are in the process of looking for a job and that you have come across an advert that seems cut out for you. You click on the link to learn more about the position.

At this point, the options are generally only two. In some cases, you will decide to continue reading about the vacancy, fill in the application form, and hope to get the job.

In other cases, however, there might be something that has put you off and led you to move on to the next job advert. 

The question now is: how do employers ensure that their landing page for recruitment exclusively leads to the first scenario? If you keep reading our guide, you will learn three of the best ways to achieve this.

Simple Does It

Whatever your customer persona is – whether a freshly-graduated student on the lookout for their first job or a seasoned professional seeking a career change – the chances are that they all have one thing in common: not enough time on their hands.

Your graduate applicant, for example, might be spending half of his day searching for good entry-level positions whilst at the same time working a part-time job at their local café. The well-established professional who is aspiring to change their career is probably ultra-busy with their current – and very demanding – job for a good ten hours a day.

The bottom line? Your recruitment landing page needs to be as simple, intuitive, and user-friendly as possible.

You’ll want to catch your audience’s attention right away – and keep it for good. 

First of all, you’ll need to make sure that your page is mobile-ready. Research by Statista showed that mobile internet users account for at least half of all web traffic worldwide. 

Meaning, your job applicants are very likely to use a mobile device during their job hunt, which in turn compels you to design a landing page that can be easily accessed, loaded, and viewed on a small mobile screen.

Then, you’ll want to keep the content easy to digest and to the point. This applies both to written and visual content. Try not to be tempted to crowd your page with fluffy, wordy sentences that might rapidly cause your audience to drift away from your site and onto a competitor’s.

A good structure might look like this:

  • A punchy headline to introduce your job advert
  • One brief section to include your company’s mission, vision, and values
  • A few short, concise paragraphs to describe the position
  • A masterfully-crafted CTA with a link to the full application form or application form embedded in the landing page.

Entice with Visuals

Images, graphics, videos and more: visual content is another essential component of a great recruitment landing page.

To begin with, you could add an attractive image of your brand to the Hero section of your page. The image itself can represent anything that you think your audience might find enticing: some of your best products, a shot of your team, or one of your snazzy office locations.

Even better, you could add an image carousel to incorporate some interactive elements or a short video clip that takes your audience on a virtual tour of your company.

Numbers, figures, and graphics can also help you ramp up your readers’ attention. Choose a maximum of three numbers that capture some of your brand’s most impressive achievements, and use them to encourage candidates to join your team and be part of your company’s continuous growth.

Nail That CTA

Last but certainly not least, you’re going to want to put a lot of thought into how you wrap up the content of your landing page. 

Writing a great call-to-action (CTA) that draws a potential job applicant to move onto the application process is essential. To this effect, your CTA should incorporate these three aspects, at the very minimum:

  1. A sense of urgency: you’ll want to communicate to your readers that the position has a specific deadline, and encourage them to apply as soon as possible if they want to be considered for the job.
  2. A statement about inclusion and diversity: being a brand that is open to applicants coming from all walks of life, backgrounds, and circumstances is vital today, and job candidates want – and expect – to see that commitment even before they proceed to the application stage.
  3. A reminder about the benefits of working with you: lastly, you’ll want to convey a sense of excitement by reminding your audience about what your brand stands for, and why they should join your team. This can be as simple as adding your brand tagline to the bottom of your landing page, or a short sentence encapsulating your main values.

Naturally, your CTA will also need to include a link to take candidates straight to the application page, in order for them to move ahead with the process quickly and easily. Another alternative is to have the form embedded in the landing page.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Recruitment Landing Page 

Recruitment marketing for awesome talent acquisition calls for a well-structured, compelling, and engaging landing page.

In this article, we discussed three of the main ways to achieve that. You should focus on simple and easy-to-digest content, exciting visuals, and a strong, convincing call-to-action.