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Digital Marketing Agency in France for International Companies

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one outside your native markets, it can be difficult to get noticed. Our French digital marketing agency assists you with a deep understanding of online marketing tools and strategies, a native proficiency of the language, and an agile working method.

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Why expanding your digital marketing in France is so challenging


Rank your page on Google

Many businesses struggle to rank high on the French SERPs. To index your website on Google France we help to find out the most searched keywords online in France. We generate powerful backlinks to rank faster and higher. Our French marketing agency helps you with your SEO strategy.


Deal with content translation

Companies have to translate their brand content into French. In fact, French people feel more comfortable with their own language, as only 40% of French people are proficient in English. Translating and adapting your website and ads into French is key to your success. Our native experts help you localize properly your content to match French customers expectations.


Adapt your digital strategy

A marketing strategy that works in your country may not work in France. Targets, goals, placements, price, messages… your marketing mix must be adapted to suit French consumers’ behaviours. Working with local experts is the best way to expand your marketing strategy in France.


Bridge the cultural barrier

French people have their own specific habits. They expect brands to be ethical and have a positive influence on the world. In addition, they don’t like intrusive messages or too much commercial call to action on websites. Our French native experts help you adapt your marketing approach to customers’ specific habits.

We make your digital marketing in France successful

That is to say, we are experts with all major digital marketing platforms and can help take your campaigns to the very next level. In addition, we are official agency partners with Google and Facebook. Results-driven and truly agile, we constantly look for new ways to get better ROI for your investments.

Our scope of expertise focuses on your growth:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads – Search Ads
  • Social ads marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Emailing automation
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“We have been working with Gaasly for our online marketing in France. On average our sales ROI increased x20 times in sales every month. We highly recommend their iterative growth process”

Tram Nguyen – CEO Tramdecor

Performance marketing in France using all available digital channels

Our goal is to provide our clients with a holistic marketing approach. We leverage our expertise across all different digital channels to create a comprehensive strategy that maximizes their reach and impact. Whether it’s social media, email marketing, PPC advertising, or any other channel, we have the experience and knowledge to help our clients succeed. Below are the most common things we do for our clients.

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Search engine optimisation in France

Are you looking for a French SEO Agency? Our team of experts can help your business succeed in France by implementing proven strategies tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your local search rankings or expand your reach to a broader audience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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Social media marketing in France

Campaigns that work in one country may not work in another. Therefore, your campaign targets, goals, placements, budget, creatives, and copy must be adapted according to the demand of the target market. Whether it is about social media or native ad campaigns, our native Finnish experts help you to do it efficiently.

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Search engine marketing in France

Are you looking for a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign? We not only help you to advertise your products or services in search engines but we also help you to optimize and maximize returns on advertising spending. A PPC campaign is often the easiest way to be seen first on Google or any other search engine quickly.

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Influencer and affiliate marketing in France

We help you to reach a new level of success with a solid influencer marketing strategy. We help you build your affiliate network and get the results you want while paying for the results only.

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Start generating revenue in France with excellent marketing ROAS

Augment is a Finnish e-scooter company with a subscription-based model. We helped them to launch their brand in France; working on website translation, sales funnel optimisation, creatives and online marketing. We got outstanding results in 6 months:

Get business opportunities in France with the right online marketing strategy

Did you know France has an impressive market size of over 65M of consumers?

  • + 68% of daily internet users
  • +115B € of online sales
  • +60B € of online revenue
  • +10% ecommerce CAGR
  • +70M foreign tourists each year

The main opportunities for global companies expanding in France lie in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, personal care, software and tech, creativity, style & design, environment, aerospace, automotive, food & drink.

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“With help from Gaasly, we have been able to take our digital marketing in France to the next level. The analytical approach has been really helpful”

Jan Ameri – CEO ArcticStartup

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Four reasons why choose us as your local French digital marketing agency

1. No Min. Contract

We don’t work with long-term agreements, so you pause the collaboration whenever you want. We work on-demand at an hourly rate. We are flexible and cost-efficient as you need!

2. Agile

On a weekly basis, we report to you on results, define new tasks, address action items and questions for the upcoming weeks. Our growth sprint model ensures a rewarding collaboration.

3. Native experts

You have native French experts available right at hand. See by yourself their great expertise with our last marketing studies about French consumers’ expectations.

4. Risk-free engagement

If there is a strong business disagreement, we are ready to offer a full or partial refund of the budget allocated to your project. Good and fair relationship are important to us!

Our French digital marketing experts

digital marketing expert

Digital Marketing Consultant

French native with +10 years of global experience in B2B and B2C, Branding and PPC in France and Asia.

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