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7 Tips To Enter The UK With Digital Marketing

Online Marketing has become increasingly important for all businesses around the globe. With the development of technology, marketing on digital channels has become an essential method to grow sales and is much more accessible for companies of all sizes. In this article, we’ll go over seven practical tips for you to identify key factors to enter the UK with Digital Marketing strategies.

Keep in mind that it’s now easier than ever to communicate with new markets. That said, however much competitive your product or service is, natural consumer-brand engagement gives an edge on performance, and the UK has adopted a very local stance in recent years.

1. Do Your Research

The first step in order to enter the UK market is quality research. You need to learn about your target audience, their interests and how they use social media. This will help you determine where your message should be delivered and which mediums will work best.

Also, you need to understand the rules and regulations. There is no one set of laws that applies across the whole of the UK; each region has its own regulations regarding social media marketing, data protection and more. Make sure to check which affect your business before launching any campaigns or creating content that could cause problems later on down the line.

2. Native understanding of consumer behaviour & trends

In order to enter the UK market with digital marketing you’ll need to adapt your content and strategy. Instead of running into problems with conversion rates, low CTR (click through rate) or simply struggling to adapt to a completely new consumer base, it’s best to start by finding some local experts. Gaining instant insights into the behaviour of consumers in the UK allows you to identify profitable trends and patterns.

3. Understanding demand for different product types

How do you know which product or where to start selling at all? There are certain ways of identifying demand from different segments online. To help determine your investment budget, knowing who, where and how much of your product is searched for can be a great start.

For example, if your business makes a dietary app, you will find targeting certain sectors of the population more worthwhile. Behavioural traits are deeply embedded in native understanding of the consumer so starting to work on the biggest audience is generally a good approach. However, in this case, communication plays a critical role in the performance of your strategy.

If the only people looking for this type of app are local trade fans past their early 20s, targeting specific fairs or events where local producers are supported is a good way to tap into that demand.

4. Choosing the right media channels to reach specific target groups

The British have always been a bit of an anomaly in the realm of trends. The UK has a population of over 68 million people and is part of the introduction stage of many global trends.

Choosing your channels should be done strategically and not randomly. Therefore, you should test different channels with small budgets first to see which work best before committing to them.

You can also run separate tests for each channel to check if they perform differently on other target groups. This will help you determine which platforms work best for your brand and audience so you can plan accordingly.

5. Leveraging market knowledge & contacts

When going into a new market, the best way to set yourself up is to get qualitative information about your target audience.

This doesn’t just apply to learning about your customers; it’s also important to understand the market around your business. For instance, in the United Kingdom (UK), jobs are typically more team-oriented than they are in North America (NA). When conducting business internationally, cultural differences need to be taken into account, or else you could end up making a few mistakes. The most common of them is replicating a content strategy that is working in a different country. The issue here is that translations must always be transcriptions; and visual content should also be adapted for better consumer identification.

6. Highlighting best USPs according to demand

Your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) are the characteristics that differentiate your business from others. It explains why your target audience should choose you over others. Having a strong USP is paramount to growing as a company, and ultimately, it’s what will help you recruit new customers. How can you tell if your USP is effective? First, ask yourself if it stands out or provides unique value to the consumer in the UK. If anyone else can provide the same benefits or services at the same price point, or even lower, then it’s likely that people won’t switch from their current provider.

7. Using appropriate language & tone of voice according to audience

Let’s be honest. People don’t like reading long blocks of text that are content-free. They expect a well-written piece, but they want it in the form of a micro-blog, tweet or Facebook message that’s easy to skim and understand in maybe 30 seconds. People need to be able to extract the main points from your article; they just don’t have time for it. Successful digital marketing is all about being on point and quick, but if you’re going to use social media, then make sure you’re using appropriate language and tone of voice according to your audience so that people see your message in as few words as possible.

Digital Marketing to enter the UK market is a must despite existing challenges you’ll need to overcome

When it comes to entering the world market, UK-based companies are no strangers to obstacles. With a unique language and culture that can seem almost impenetrable to outsiders, it’s important to understand what makes British consumers tick and how you can use local channels and media to connect with them.

Understand their needs, how they talk, how they buy. You specially don’t want them feeling awkward when viewing your content. To enter the UK with Digital Marketing you should make sure your efforts will not be wasted. The team at Gaasly has a native expert available to help you address your strategy in the British market. With an agile and flexible work method we specialise in offering native understanding with deep knowledge of digital marketing tools, techniques and trends to help you make an efficient campaign.

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