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Different Types of Marketing Agencies Explained

When you think of a digital agency, what comes to mind? If you are picturing one, static type of agency dealing with digital marketing, then you might need to think again.

This guide lists and defines some of the main types of digital agencies, to help you better understand which one your business should team up with.

Company or agency?

First of all, let’s quickly clarify that an agency is not the same as a company.

While some industry experts argue that the two often overlap, generally speaking an agency is a type of business that provides services to another business. A company, on the other hand, provides either services or products to both other businesses or end-customers directly.

Marketing agency

Specializing in promoting your business both on- and offline, marketing agencies bring to the table a valuable set of skills that can get your brand more exposure, sales, and net profits.

Digital marketing agency

A digital marketing agency is a business that provides a range of services to help organizations promote their products or services online. These services can include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, website design and development, and other digital marketing strategies. The goal of a digital marketing agency is to help businesses reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive sales and revenue through online channels.

Digital agency

A digital agency is a company that helps other companies promote their products or services online. There are many different types of digital agencies. A digital agency is mostly an overarching way to define a plurality of smaller and more focused agencies that operate in the online marketing space.

We focus on digital marketing in different countries. See the full list of international digital agency services or digital agency services in Finland.

Digital media agency 

A digital media agency operates exclusively online, providing services that range from branding to PR, from content marketing to graphic design.

Digital or online marketing agency 

These are marketing agencies that focus on providing online marketing services, to build a brand’s online visibility and success.

Media agency 

A media agency is an umbrella term that includes several types of agencies, including digital media and creative. Professionals working for a media agency span graphic designers, journalists, web designers, audio and video experts, and content creators, and operate both on the online and the offline arenas.

Social media agency

One of the most popular digital agencies right now are social media agencies. As the term suggests, these manage social media content for businesses and normally focus on just one specific social media network.

Social media marketing agency 

Unlike a social media agency, one that specializes in social media marketing will not only create your social media content, but will also curate the strategic aspect of your social media marketing.

Creative agency and creative digital agency

Sometimes called “marketing agency”, a creative agency leverages creative strategies to support businesses in achieving their goals. These agencies usually focus in one specific aspect, such as strategy, design, technology, or advertising.

Design agency 

Your brand’s logo, your brand’s visuals, your overall brand’s identity: this is what a design agency focuses on. Normally, the strategic aspect is not managed directly by this agency.

Branding agency 

If you are looking to add a strategic element to your brand identity, then you should work with a branding agency. Not only do these specialize in branding design, but they also support customers in crafting ad-hoc strategies for their unique brand.

Web agency 

Web agencies either deal with web design, or with website creation and development – sometimes, the two aspects can be present within the same web agency. 

Web marketing agency

Unlike a web agency, or a web design agency, a web marketing agency provides services that are aimed at promoting your online presence through a stunning, user-friendly, and informative website.

Advertising agency 

These agencies design, develop, and deliver promotional campaigns for their customers’ products or services. They can operate both in the online and the offline advertising space.

UX agencies 

Making sure that your customers have the best possible time while navigating your online pages is paramount to succeeding as a brand. And that’s exactly what a UX (user experience) agency helps you to achieve, through friendly, smooth, and compelling user experiences.

Email marketing agency 

Email marketing might be one of the oldest marketing techniques, but it is still alive and well! And if you want to reap some huge benefits from it, you should work with an email marketing agency, who will help you drive more traffic to your website, reach out to more leads and prospects, and close more deals by curating your email marketing campaigns.

PPC agency 

PPC campaigns can help your business soar – but they are often tricky to nail. Cue PPC agencies. These agencies help customers better channel their PPC spending to ensure that they achieve positive, consistent, and successful results.

SEO agency 

Search engine optimization is at the core of today’s digital content marketing. If you want to make the most of it, then working with a SEO agency can help. These agencies will manage your online and offline optimization to ensure that your brand ranks high on Google searches and that your site is always compliant with the latest security and accessibility rules. We have SEO agency services in many countries. Here’s more information about our SEO agency in Finland.

B2B agency 

These are agencies that work directly with businesses to take care of their marketing requirements. They can either provide a full spectrum of services or focus on just a few key areas.

Boutique agency

Working with only a very small, selected group of marketing experts, boutique agencies specialize in building one-of-a-kind experiences for their customers, with unparalleled customization and attention to detail.

Full service or full-stack agency

This is, as you might imagine, the most complete type of digital agency. Featuring designers, creatives, analysts, tech people, copywriters, and more, these agencies are usually fairly big and often offer a wide range of service packages for different marketing needs.

Choose the right agency for your business

Knowing the different types of digital agencies out there is important if you want to better understand which one might help your business thrive.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a full-service digital agency?

This is, as you might imagine, the most complete type of digital agency. Featuring designers, creatives, analysts, tech people, copywriters, and more, these agencies are usually fairly big and often offer a wide range of service packages for different marketing needs.

What are the different types of agencies?

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