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Consumer buying behavior in France (eBook 2022)

Home » Digital marketing in France » Consumer buying behavior in France (eBook 2022)

You can now download our new research to discover +20 essential statistics about consumer buying behavior in France. You’ll also find out what they expect from brands and what trigger purchase decision. Find all the data you need to establish your brand in France!

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How to reach the French consumer in 2022?

In 2021, people in France expected from brands a discourse resolutely oriented towards the local and the protection of the planet. Indeed, when they were questioned, a little less than half of the respondents wanted brands to focus more on Made-in-France products and French producers, and about a third of them wanted them to take action to protect the environment. Moreover, the ability to offer affordable prices in 2021 seemed to be an unavoidable issue (25% of mentions).

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The rise of a new consumer in France

French people are very concerned by the price of goods and services (76%), the quality of the product (66%) and the origins of the product they buy (63%).

But with the Covid crisis, they put into perspective more aspects of their consumption and lifestyle. They turned to be more critical of mass consumption and their own consumption too. French consumers are very demanding of ecommerce sustainability and engagement towards the environment.

  • 61% of French consumers feel uncomfortable with overconsumption in the society
  • 48% have a lower desire to keep consuming and buying as they used to do before the pandemics
  • 71% simplify their consumption by buying more basic or non-processed products

Growing French consumers’ expectations

French people have always been demanding with brands. Since the Covid crisis, their relationship is getting transformed more in-depth, and they now tend to always question brands’ values before buying products.

On one hand, the younger generations and people with high incomes insist on the social responsibility of brands. On the other hand, the older generations and those with lower income levels call on brands to reduce prices and offer good quality services.

  • 91% of French buyers think brands should justify the quality of their products before telling what us to think
  • 72% think the society is not enough demanding with brands
  • 49% think brands must change things first rather than customers

How to gain the trust of French consumers

The imperative of consistency emerges as the first factor of trust, after the fundamentals of price, quality and experience. This imperative has never been so strong with regard to brands, otherwise, the sanction could be immediate and quick.

An opportunistic commitment to a cause for which the brand has no legitimacy, or a lack of evidence on an environmental or social engagement may definitely turn the buyers on the side of mistrust. French consumers have a clear understanding and perception of how companies are involved in making the world a better place.

  • 72% of French consumers say they would lose trust in a brand if it has contradictions between its speech, values and actions
  • 75% say they would trust in a brand that brings real solutions to problems of society
  • 74% say they can trust a brand if it has a good capacity to innovate
  • 57% judge important brands “defend a cause or a fight” (although French people prefer more pragmatic or precise engagements)