Home » Digital marketing in France » Influencer marketing in France – Figures & Trends (Guide 2022)

Influencer marketing in France – Figures & Trends (Guide 2022)

Home » Digital marketing in France » Influencer marketing in France – Figures & Trends (Guide 2022)

HypeAuditor released the 3rd edition of its annual State of Influencer Marketing report. In this report, they reveal the newest trends in influencer marketing in France on different platforms – Instagram, YouTube, TikTok – as well as the changing habits of brands and influencers.

In this blog post about social influence and communication in France, you’ll find key figures to consider before doing influencer marketing in France. Need more help to launch your business or grow your sales in France? Gaasly is a digital marketing agency with French experts. Benefit from our local expertise and international experience, with French native experts at hand. Enjoy your reading with a warm coffee ☕️

Influencer marketing on Instagram in France

In 2021 Instagram came up with a bunch of new features for influencers to be more creative than ever – from Reels that can be remixed and lasted 60 seconds, to links accessible via Stories or even the dashboard. for professionals.

These new solutions make Instagram a strong successful platform. It is estimated that by 2025, the influencer market on Instagram will reach $22.2 billion. Furthermore, currently, 68% of influencer marketers use Instagram for their campaigns, making it the most popular social network in this industry.

Type of influencers

In France, on Instagram, the nano-influencers, who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers, represent almost half of the creators, followed by micro-influencers. The influencer distribution by type on Instagram France is:

Type of Influencer%Total InstagramEngagement Rate (avg.)
Nano influencer (1-5k)44%5,8%
Micro influencer (5-20k)36%2,9%
Mid-tier influencer (20-100k)16%2,3%
Macro influencer (100k-1M)4%2,2%
Mega influencer (+100M)0,5%2,2%

In addition to being the most numerous, French Instagram nano-influencers are also those with the highest engagement rate – 5.85%. Interestingly, for all categories of influencers, the engagement rate decreased between 2020 and 2021. This can possibly be explained by users spending more time viewing Reels and Stories, and therefore being less active on posts published by influencers.

Lifestyle influencers are leading the conversations

In 2021, interest in all the categories among creators increased. In terms of content on the platform, in France, most Instagram influencers produce lifestyle content (14%) – this is the fastest-growing category since 2020, with a 43% increase in the number of followers. influencers creating lifestyle content. Other popular topics are photography (10%), music (8%) and beauty (8%).

Category Percentage
Literature & Journalism4%
Fashion & Luxe4%
Humor & Fun & Happiness4%

Economic & Finance are trending topics

The most growing trending Instagram categories in 2021 are:

  • The Finance & Economics with year-over-year growth of 30%
  • Health & Medical with year-over-year growth of 23%

French customers on Instagram ere particularly interested in finance in 2021 in order to learn how to manage their money. The health context due to the pandemic of covid-19 also strongly influenced their desire to deepen their knowledge of medicine and health.

Influencer marketing on Tik Tok in France

Type of influencers

Like Instagram, nano-influencers are also the majority in France on TikTok, representing 51.21% of influencers on the platform. Working with nano- and micro-influencers is a good way to build a brand on Tik Tok, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Nano influencers are creators who have fewer followers, but they generally have a more niche audience. Their message appeals better to the public because people tend to trust them, while some mainstream influencers have been accused of using their influence to make money.

The distribution of influencers by type on Tik Tok France is:

Type of Influencer%Total InstagramEngagement Rate (avg.)
Nano influencer51%12,1%
Micro influencer31%12,3%
Mid-tier influencer14%12,2%
Macro influencer4%13,4%
Mega influencer0,2%13,9%

When it comes to engagement rate, mega-influencers (having 1M+ followers) take the top spot. This high engagement rate can be explained by the fact that the behaviour of users on TikTok differs from the way they interact with other platforms.

Top Tik Tok influencers in France

Many mega Tik Tok influencers were not born on Tik Tok, most of them come from Youtube. TikTok has become a hub for them to do challenges, share short videos and promote streaming content.


Influencer marketing on Youtube in France

YouTube’s latest features include Shorts – very short formats that allow brands and content creators to convey a message without users having to watch a long video. Another announcement from YouTube in 2021 that received many criticisms was the removal of the dislike counter on videos.

Most popular topics on Youtube

In terms of content topics, the top three most popular categories are Music and Dance, Video Games, and News and Politics: YouTube creators who post videos related to these topics represent 21%, 20%, and 9% of all French Youtube influencers.

Category Percentage
Music & Dance21%
Video Games20%
News & Politics9%
Autos & Vehicles3%

Influence vs advertising, mix both!

Influencer marketing is definitely a marketing strategy you should rely on to build your brand awareness & consideration. It can also boost your sales with referral coupon codes and discounts. You can reuse the content created by your influencers and use it in your advertising. User-Generated Content (UGC) like videos made by Influencers is a big strength to create engagement in your advertising and get people into your website.

Want to take your influencer marketing to the next level and find the best way to integrate it with your marketing strategy? Contact us.

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